A note on videos

A report has reached me that a classmate’s hard-drive has been fried, so he has lost all his video footage. The idea was enough to stir me into action.

The videos on this site are mostly from old (and very long) compilation reels that have been transferred to digital format, where they occur as very long video files. To put up a video the process, to date, has been that I excerpt a clip and send it on to ask colleagues in Asia to help identify it, then enter captions and write a blog entry to accompany the footage. This has been cumbersome, and I think it’s best that I abbreviate the process going forward.

Hence I will be adding videos with minimal annotation, under unimaginative titles such as ‘Wuzuquan 1′. If viewers can help me identify the arts and practitioners in question, please do so; I can always revise the accompanying text later, and will be grateful for useful information.

Please note that I may not necessarily endorse all of the video content that goes up: I will upload footage to demonstrate the range of arts practised in the Chee Kim Thong Pugilistic and Health Society. But I don’t always have the best practitioners showcasing every art. In appreciation of this diversity, then, please appreciate that not everyone is a master. Often we watch old videos to see masters of top quality, but there are other points of interest too.


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