Combination Practice

On a recent visit to Singapore, we concentrated on an attacking combination. It comprises familiar movements and new ones. To start off, we practised the first movement in isolation; the whipping strength comes from the waist. The elbow, and the way it flows into the next movement, is in our Sanzhan pattern, while versions of the backfist are favourites that crop up in a few different exercises. Next, that punch that draws strength from the accompanying shuffle-step.

This clip is from the first morning we threaded together the combination, and practised an abbreviated version on the bag (abbreviated because, for example, the downward punch would keep glancing off the bag).

There are lots of videos out there of patterns practised in isolation. There is some purpose to these, but it does make training look prim and neat, and rather easy. As far as I’m concerned, the real practice is sweaty and inglorious – and some people say that Wuzuquan, for efficiency, is an ugly art.

At the outset of the footage, Master Chan breaks the technique down, making it nice and clear, so if you’d like to have a go, be our guest.


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