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Chris Murray is a student of Chan See-meng, named “beloved disciple” of his master, Chee Kim Thong (1918-2001).

The characters above signify Thong Meng Shaolin White Crane Five Ancestors Fist. “Thong” and “Meng” are from the names of the masters. White Crane is the lineage of Wuzuquan (Five Ancestors Fist) imparted by Chee Kim Thong as distinct from other versions of Wuzuquan.

Master Chee studied and taught various arts, but his most prized were Wuzuquan and Luohan Ruyiquan.

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Chris is a faculty member at Monash University. His research investigates Orientalism and the formation of attitudes to China in the West. He is also writing a book about his experiences studying with Chan See-meng, which will be published in 2018.

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