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Gongfu Book

Feeling Different 

Feeling Natural 

Training Schedules

Gongfu Pebbles Practice 

Combination Practice

Video: Wuzuquan 1

uninvited audiences and martial-arts practice

Changes in climate 

Shaolin Diamond Mudras

Technical difficulties 

Video: Wuzuquan Sanzhan

more on martial arts books

extra movements

the centre of the crossroads

the Chinese culture question

soft strength

Video: Wujiquan

soul-destroying efforts

training ideas: task variation in martial arts

Monkey style

Wuzuquan’s Mother and Child practice

Secrets of martial arts (Quanzhou 2015)

Is talent important in martial arts?

Tip: Be Interested

Needle Through Brick

Video: More Five Elements Palm

The North-South Divide in Chinese Martial-Arts

Hit the books: taking notes on your martial-arts practice

Video: Luohan Ruyiquan

The names of the arts: what’s in a gongfu name?

How good should the teacher be?

Martial arts practice, like going to the doctor

Video: Chee Kim Thong’s Wuzuquan

Video: Taizu-style Wuzuquan

The Accreditation Problem in Gongfu

Other People’s Rules: Martial-Arts Diplomacy

Martial-Arts Goals

The Strength that Wasn’t

Martial-Arts Clothing

The Self-Improving Martial Arts

Video: Dong Yingjie’s Taijiquan

All-Terrain Footwork

Rhythm and Speed in Martial Arts

My Brief Dalliance with Taijiquan

Martial-arts theory: friend or foe?

Can Gongfu be used for Fighting?

Martial Arts Journeymen

Western Wisdom for Eastern Arts

Martial Apprenticeship update

Kaishanquan, “Opening the Mountain”

Fists from Afar: Long-Distance Gongfu Relationships

Wuxingzhang practice: Chee Kim Thong and Chan See-meng

Tibetan White Crane: Needle in Cotton

You Booze, you Lose? Martial Arts Diets

Wuzuquan partner-work with Chan See-meng and Yap Cheng Hai

Paying for an Art: How Much should Gongfu Cost?

Going Though the Archives: Martial-Arts Footage

Do Masters Want Students?

Shaolin Fist and the Christmas Robin

The Feel of the Art

Preserving Martial-Arts Heritage

Another Cautionary Tale/A Study in Voice

“He’s teaching my art!”: another gongfu argument

Gongfu Cinema: For Good and for Ill

When is “Meditation” a Dirty Word?

Tell or Don’t Tell: A Gongfu Dilemma

Martial-Arts Temples

Cultivate the Relationship

Martial Arts on the Road

Why Push Hands?

The Teacher Won’t Tell You…

Intense Specialisation: 100 Days Revisited

Martial Arts Politics

Martial Arts Equipment: Should You Accessorise Your Practice?

When to Rest

Empty your Teacup: Starting Again in Gongfu

Martial Arts for Self Defence

Flexibility, Stretching, and Softness

The Art of the Gongfu Challenge

Gradings: Careful what you Wish For…

Wuzuquan‘s Tiaoqie Technique

The difference between gongfu and karate: ordeals of popular opinion

Swords and Punches: Bringing People Together

The Why of Martial Arts Stances

How Much do I Need to Practise?

The Shaolin Abbot’s Chinese Fan

The Results Business: Trying to do Well in Martial Arts

The Mysterious Monk of Penang

Make yourself in the mould: getting the details right

Empty-Force Scams and Martial Arts Snake-Oil

“I want to stay pretty”: Is free sparring essential?

Gongfu Fall-Outs: Sworn Brothers as Enemies

Martial Arts Schools as Friends and Enemies

New Page: Wuxingzhang

100 Days of Thunder

Drawbacks of a Great Master

Martial Arts Injuries: Stop Beating Yourself Up

Martial Arts and Yoga

Ultimate Fist and the Gentle Dance of Time Wasting

Deadly Antique-Collector: Arranging your Gongfu Treasures

Can I learn gongfu from books and DVD’s?

Myth Making

New Page: Luohan Ruyiquan

Women in Gongfu

The Yellow Bundle

Time is Short

A Christmas Tale

The Art of Conditioning

The Bird Cannot Fly


Death by Kicking, or Kinds of Failure

The world is your gymnasium

What is the philosophy of martial arts?


Two of the Old Man’s Favourites

Can I learn more than one martial art successfully?

Clan Associations and Gongfu

On Qi

Advanced Training versus Basics


Cult Behaviour in Martial Arts


Qualities of a Good Martial Arts Instructor

What Should I Learn in a Gongfu Class?


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