gongfu book

One reason The Wandering Fist has been so slow to post new entries recently is that I’ve been seeing to the publication of my gongfu book. It’s a memoir of studying under Chan See-meng in Singapore, with accounts of his own adventures, and those of his own master, Chee Kim Thong. It will be published later this year (more details to come!).

I’ll add some entries here about what it was like writing the book (if I have something to say that doesn’t just sound like tedious advertising). It doesn’t reproduce material from this blog, although I did put up an early draft of one short chapter as an entry. Preparing the manuscript for publication has, so far, been like gongfu: you may think you’ve acquired a technique, or completed a block of writing, but it needs endless refinement and polishing. It’s been slow and painful, and I’m very happy at the prospect of seeing it well published. We’ll definitely have a launch party here in Melbourne, and most probably in Singapore too.

The image for this post is a chicken I saw when I visited Dungun, one of the villages in Malaysia where Chee Kim Thong lived. in the 1950s there was a saying around the village, ‘Everyone knows Ah-Thong’ (a familiar way of referring to Master Chee). So when I saw the chicken, I thought:

‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’

‘To see Ah-Thong.’