This page lists all of the entries with video clips.

Most of the material is footage from the Chee Kim Thong Health and Pugilistic Society, although sometimes the members encountered and recorded experts in other arts at events. I’ll share anything of interest, but may not have information on arts that were not practised by Master Chee’s group.

Unidentified sets and practitioners tend to be listed with numbers.

Chan See-meng on Wuzuquan‘s Tiaoqie technique

Chee Kim Thong’s Wuzuquan

Combination Practice

Dong Yingjie’s Taijiquan

Kaishanquan, “Opening the Mountain”

Luohan Ruyiquan

Monkey style

Mother and Child practice

SG 50: Journey of Martial Apprenticeship (includes both an embedded video and a link to The 5 Show)

Taizu-style Wuzuquan

Tibetan White Crane: Needle in Cotton

Wujiquan, by Chee Kim Thong

Wuxingzhang (Five Elements Palm) demonstration: Chee Kim Thong

Wuxingzhang practice: Chee Kim Thong and Chan See-meng

Wuzuquan demonstration by Yap Chin Khoo and James Yong Eng Swee

Wuzuquan partner-work with Chan See-meng and Yap Cheng Hai

Wuzuquan 1


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